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MyVote is a web-based application that enables you to create ranking, rating, and poll voting contests and view the results in real time. Your audience can participate live on their mobile phones, tablets and desktops. There is nothing to download or install.

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There are three navigation areas in the app:

  • App Navigation to navigate between contests

    • Featured Contests: List of contests that are currently promoted
    • Explore: List of active contests (past and present)
    • My Contests: List of contests that you have participated in
  • Contest Navigation to navigate within a contest

    • Home: Returns you to home screen
    • Voting: Voting screen to vote
    • Results: Current results in real-time
    • Talk: Comments for the contest
    • Event: List of related contests
  • Other Navigation

    • Help: Link to the help menu
    • About: Link to the about menu
    • There is a Menu button on every screen that will slide the menu tray open to navigate elsewhere.
    • Use previous and next buttons to navigate between categories on the Voting and Results screens.

Voting Screen

  • From the contest Home screen or side navigation tray, navigate to the Voting screen.
  • There are different categories to vote on. The number of category vote screens available will vary depending on the type of contest you are participating in.
  • You can navigate between the different category screens by tapping on or .
  • Navigate to the first category you want to vote on.
  • The numbers on the left are the ranks that you will assign contenders to. Available ranks will be highlighted in green. Select the rank from the left of the screen (if this is the first time you have visited this screen you will only be able to select 1st rank as you must select ranks in order).
  • Once the rank has been selected, the contenders available for assignment will be highlighted in green. Select the contender name that you want to assign to that rank.
  • The contender moves to the rank you selected. Selected ranks/contender combinations will turn blue to indicate your selection.
  • Now select the next rank (2nd), and then select the contender you want to assign to that rank. Once selected, the contender moves to that rank position.
  • Repeat this process as the contest progresses. Navigate to the other available categories to rank them by tapping on or .
  • You can change your mind at any point by first selecting the rank you want to reassign then selecting the new contender you want to assign to that rank.
  • The number of contenders you can rank will vary depending on the contest configuration. Sometimes a contest is configured to only allow certain positions to be ranked (ie. top 6). You can rank as many positions as you like from the allowed spots. For example, you can rank only the top contender in each category, or you can rank all contenders first to last in all categories – it’s up to you. Please see the FAQ – How does it work for details on how results are calculated.
  • Unranked contenders receive zero votes.
  • Votes are submitted automatically on every selection you make. Some contests are configured to ask you to tap on a Save button instead. The time of the last submission is shown in text at the top right of the screen.

Results Screen

  • Select the Results menu from the Home screen.
  • The most current Results and subsequent results will show automatically.
  • You can navigate between the different category results by tapping on or .
  • You do not need to refresh your browser to get the latest results. Our servers will push the updates to you as they happen.
  • The time since the last results calculation happened is shown in text at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap on the Stats button to see the latest stats for this contest.

Talk Screen

  • From the contest Home screen, navigate to the Talk screen.
  • This page is integrated with Facebook Comments.
  • To participate in the talk, you must be signed into Facebook.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to comment on the contest along with other logged in participants.

What is MyVote?

MyVote is a web-based application that enables you to discuss, vote and view the results of contests in real time.

Create a Rating, Ranking, or a Poll Contest and your audience can participate on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. There is nothing to download or install. Check out our demos page to see it in action.

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How does MyVote work?

MyVote is a service that enables you to quickly create contests and polls that are accessible for voting on desktop and mobile devices. MyVote collects and aggregates the votes in real time providing live results.

There are three types of contests you can create:

1. Rating Contest where your voters rate items by assigning stars to one or more categories. The number of stars assigned is converted into points and aggregated across all voters to determine total points and average star ratings for items in each category.

2. Ranking Contest where voters rank items in order of their preference under one or more categories. The methodology used to calculate points for each participant is called the modified Borda count (MBC). The MBC is a consensus electoral voting model where voters rank candidates in order of their preference. It is used to determine the Most Valuable Player in Major League Baseball, by the Associated Press and United Press International to rank teams in NCAA sports and to determine the winner of the Heisman Trophy. For details on how the calculation works please see the FAQ - How do you calculate results? or the MBC Wikipedia entry.

3. Classic Poll where you define one or more questions which voters select one or more answers to. All voter selections are aggregated and displayed within the app.

Does it cost money to use MyVote?

MyVote offers free tokens on signup to create and publish limited contests. To enable higher capabilities for a contest you may purchase premium tokens that matches your contest needs. See pricing for details. In all cases, voting is always free for your participants and no signup needed on their part.

Do I have to download anything?

No. MyVote is a web-based application built using HTML5 technologies. To vote, simply provide the contest link to your participants.

To set up a contest, login to MyVote Manager web application on a modern browser.

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