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Evaluate restaurants under multiple categories using the MyVote rating app <h3><em>Use this area to describe your contest and categories</em></h3><br> <strong>Appetizers</strong> <p>A small portion of a food or drink served before or at the beginning of a meal to stimulate the desire to eat. "something taken to whet the appetite," 1820, agent noun from appetize.</p> <strong>Main Course</strong><br> <p>The main course is the featured or primary dish in a meal consisting of several courses. It usually follows the entrée ("entry") course. In the United States and parts of Canada, it may be called "entrée".</p> <strong>Dessert</strong> <p>Dessert is a typically sweet course that concludes an evening meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods, but may include other items.<p>

Contenders list: East on 5th, Bluedog Wine Bar, Mango Marmalade, Seaside Grill, Santorini's, Golden Dragon.

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